Bio: Sian Martin


2014: Miss Johnson, Harvey
2014: Cupid’s Comedy Cabaret
2013: Fan, A Christmas Carol
2013: Cupid’s Comedy Cabaret
2012: Chief Financial Adviser, Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator
2012: Cupids Comedy Cabaret
2011: Dormouse, Alice in Wonderland


Sian Martin is a prominent player in Farmer’s Productions and has proven to be incredibly dedicated to the success of the fall play. She proficiently “balanced the budget” as the Chief Financial Adviser in last years production of Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator; and also worked at developing an entertaining and energetic Dormouse while simultaneously focusing her spare time on being the understudy of Alice (played by Chloe Shaw) in the 2011 production of Alice in Wonderland. Her favorite part about theatre is the people. She knows she can come to rehearsal and feel confident. No matter how bad a day she has had, working to create something beautiful with her fellow-stage people will cheer her up. She would like to thank Mrs. Ehrhardt for being the first person to make her feel truly welcome at Wheat Ridge High School. She would also like to thank her parents for supporting her busy schedule.



Sian Martin

Sian Martin


Sian Martin (left) as Chief Financial Advisor. Here she is balancing the budget.