Bio: Rory Seidel

WRHS Credits:
2017: Miles, She Kills Monsters
2016: Jarvis Williams, or Mark Ingestrie, Sweeney Todd
2015: Sodapop Curtis, The Outsiders


Rory is a junior at Wheat Ridge and is happy to be playing Miles in the Fall Play. This is Rory’s fifth show at Wheat Ridge, participating in both fall plays and spring musicals. He has been cast as Riley’s love interest for the third year in a row in a fall play, which he thinks builds their chemistry on stage. In all the shows his standout favorite roll was Soda Pop in the Outsiders; it was a great show that really hooked him in the theatre program. Rory is also a cross country team captain. He hopes to make it to state with the team and to pursue track in the following spring. Rory is looking for a future in science and is considering universities such as Chicago University, Iowa State and Vassar.