She Kills Monsters Cast

Meet the talented cast of She Kills Monsters!

Riley Hoffman – Agnes
Brooklyn Guida – Tilly
Devin Cunningham – Chuck
Piper Binkley – Lilith/Lily
Alessandra Greenawalt – Kaliope/Kelly
Jacob Raacke – Orcus/Ronnie
Rory Seidel – Miles
Rena Cathey – Vera
Baker Littrell – Narrator
Ian Miller – Steve/Co-Director
Rowan Hays – Evil Gabby
Anna Sanchez – Evil Tina
Katherina Campbell Mook – Farrah the Faerie (Understudy for Tilly)
Elexia Pittman –  Monster (Understudy for Farrah the Faerie)
James Lynch – Monster (Understudy for Miles)
Donal McGrail – Monster
Cassandra Hooper – Monster