November 6,2014 Chili Night

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Chili Night,People
Chili Meat

Two Bags of Corn Chips
,Laura Krausa
Cheese and Sour Chips, Tim and Joane Marsh
One Large Fruit Tray,Kaniu Hoffman
your choice,Kim Mckinney

November 5,2014 Fried Chicken

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Fried Chicken,People
Fried Chicken
15 Pieces Per Person,Kim Mckingy and Kariu Hoffman and one other Person
Green Salad and Dressing Options
For 15,Tim and Joanne Marsh
“Wal” slaw
Enough for 15,Vickihyons
Potato Salad
Enough for 15,Jake and Karen Houeland
Your choice 24 servings,Laura Kramsa

November 4,2014 Taco Night

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Taco Night,People
Taco Shells Hard and Soft
20 of Each,Lura Krusa
Meat Filling Beef or Chicken
Enough for 25,Tim Joanne Marsh
Vegetarian Filling Rice + Beans
Enough for 12,
Cheese and Sour Cream,Vick Lyons
Shredded Lettuce and Tomato,Kaniu Hoffman
Your choice 24 servings,Staci and Clay Thomson